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Visit Fukuoka Zoo


The zoo is a half century old and is now undergoing renovation, which is scheduled to take 20 years. The zoo is divided into five sections and you can observe 140 different kinds of animals, including endangered species such as Gorillas and Arabian Oryx, and the Raggiana Bird of Paradise which is rarely seen anywhere else in Japan.

Time: 13:00-17:30
Place: Fukuoka Zoo
Cost: 900 Yen (Transport+Entrance fee)
Member: max. 7 people
Contact person: Alexander Binner

13:00 Gather at Asahi Nihongo School
13:00 Go to Fukuoka Zoo by school car
17:00 Leave Fukuoka Zoo
17:30 Arrive back at Asahi Nihongo School

About Fukuoka zoo:http://zoo.city.fukuoka.lg.jp/