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Our Heartfelt Sympathies to Tohoku Japan

On March 11, 2011, the largest earthquake in Japanese recorded history struck the Tohoko region in northeastern Japan. There was a great tsunami set off by the earthquake and tens of thousands of people lost their lives or their loved ones. The Japanese authorities have confirmed over 10,000 people have died and thousands are still missing.

In the midst of this natural disaster, there is nuclear disaster as a nuclear plant in Fukushima damaged by the quake had a quasi-meltdown. People around the plant have been evacuated and people in the northeast are concerned about the longterm effects of the dangerous leak.

We deeply hope that the victims will receive the help they need, the support they deserve, and everyone affected will reflect on the importance of the lessons learned from this catastophic event and the strength of the people that have survived it.

Please donate to the Japanese Red Cross.

Every little bit counts!