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Sumo Culture Course 2013


Feel the enormous strength of Sumo while learning Japanese. Join unique & fun cultural activities!

Lets experience Sumo! As Japans traditional wrestling, Sumo combines many ritual elements and ancient traditions, which provides an extraordinary chance to experience the Japanese culture and mentality first hand. During this four week course you will learn Japanese and we will introduce you to the Sumo spirit and rules. Furthermore we will visit the Dazaifu Temple and the Asahi Beer Factory and finally enjoy a Sumo tournament!


Japanese Lessons, Tutorials, Lesson Materials, Lunch Box on the first day, International Party, Calligraphy, Asahi Beer Factory Tour, Origami, Hot Spring, Nabe Party.

Course Outline

Start: Oct. 21th, 2013 (Mon)
End: Nov. 15th, 2013 (Fri)
Lessons: 4 lessons a day
Level: All Japanese levels
Course Fee: 139.000 Yen + accomodation and transportation
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Oct. 21st(Mon): Orientation, Level Check Test, City Tour
Oct. 23rd(Wed): Aritayaki
Oct. 24th(Thu): Calligraphy (Included!)
Oct. 25st(Fri): International Party
Oct. 26nd(Sat): Dazaifu Tour
Oct. 30th(Wed): Ikebana
Nov. 3rd(Sun): Mt. Aso Tour
Nov. 5th(Tue): Asahi Beer Factory Tour (Included!)
Nov. 7th(Thu): Origami (Included!)
Nov. 8th(Fri): Yatai & Karaoke
Nov. 9th(Sat): Jogging/Walking in Ohori Park & Hot Spring Yu no Hana (Included!)
Nov. 12th(Tue): Tea ceremony 
Nov. 13th(Wed): Sumo Tournament 
Nov. 15th(Fri): Certificate + Nabe Party

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