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JLPT Level N4 Preparation course

Intensive every day study course

Small and private classes, Easy to understand, Good access, Great teachers

Our classes are very small. With only 2 to 6 students per class, you will study in a relaxed atmosphere. The test preparation textbook is easy to understand, and you will do lots of practice with test sheets, test questions, and CD's. Your friendly teacher will prepare you in a highly effective, systematic, and easy way. After you have successfully completed your classes, you will be ready to take the Japanese Proficiency Test Level N4 (Former JLPT 3). You will master grammar to a certain level, know about 300 kanji and 1500 words, be able to take part in everyday conversations, and read and write simple sentences.

Your Textbook (Pattern betsu Tettei Drill JLPT N4)

This easy-to-read textbook and additional materials will help you understand and remember the contents of the lessons.

Course Outline

Start: October 7th, 2013
Period: 8 weeks / 20 lessons a week
Lessons: 4 lessons a day (1 lesson@45minutes)
Class Size: Only 2 to 6 students per class
Level: From JLPT LEVEL N5 / pre-2010 level 4 (different level on request)
Book: Pattern betsu Tettei Drill JLPT N4
Prices: Minimum 2 weeks / 79 000 Yen (add. week 30 000 Yen)
Fee includes: All Materials, Welcome Party and Certificate of participation
Notice: Please apply for JLPT directly @ http://info.jees-jlpt.jp/?lang=english


October 6th (Sun) Arrival
October 7th (Mon) Start Unit 1
October 11th (Fri) Welcome Party
October 12th (Sat) Make up Day for October 14th
October 14th (Mon) Sports Day (National Holiday)
October 18th (Fri) First mock test under real-timed conditions and follow-up review
October 21st (Mon) Start Unit 2
November 1st (Fri) Second mock test under real-timed conditions and follow-up review
November 4rd (Mon) Culture Day (National Holiday)
November 5th (Tue) Start Unit 3
November 9th (Sat) Make up Day for November 4rd
November 15th (Fri) Third mock test under real-timed conditions and follow-up review
November 18th (Mon) Start Unit 4
November 29th (Fri) Fourth mock test under real-timed conditions and follow-up review
December 1st (Sun) JLPT Japanese-Language Proficiency Test


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