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Work & Study in Japan

The cost of living is high in Japan so we recommend that our students come with a working holiday visa (please check requirements below) and find a part time job to reduce the burden of the cost of everyday expenses. This course is suitable for people who have never studied or only studied limited Japanese and want to reach a level where one can handle day-to-day activities and manage the simple interactions of daily life in commercial and social aspects. Click here for more information. (1.34 MB)

Course Outline

Participants: 2 - 12 students per class
Level: Beginner to Intermediate (Click here for your Japanese online level check)
Period: 12 weeks / 192 lessons
Lessons: 4 Japanese group lessons per day / Mon - Fri.
Prices: 270,000 Yen + Job Search Support + Accommodation

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Where can I work?
We offer paid internship positions in various fields throughout Fukuoka such as Marketing, Sales, Education, Art, Translation, Proofreading, Media, Sport and Culture, Finance, and IT. Please click
here for more information about paid internship offers.

For how long can I work?
- From a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 12 months.
- The minimum working hours per week are 10 hours and the maximum are 28 hours (with hourly wage more than 750 Yen).
- Monthly income is more than 84,000 Yen (28 hours a week x 750 Yen x 4 weeks) Living cost per month is around
45,000 Yen.

What jobs can I do?
- It depends on your Japanese skills, but some of the jobs are suitable even for beginners.
- For example teaching, to work as a waiter / waitless, proofreading, creating websites, presenting in English, creating infomational material in English etc..

Click here to see a video produced by one of our interns about his experiences on a typical day living and working in Japan.

What kind of accommodation is available?
We recommend a flat share, which is the cheapest and most independent option. But we also offer other kinds of accommodations such as host families and dormitories.
Please click here for accommodation information.

What are the program requirements?
- Working Holiday Visa (Please check the following link to see the countries that have an agreement with Japan: Working Holiday VISA Agreement)
- Willing to work more than six months
- Working experience (even part-time counts)
- Take part in the 3-Month Japanese Language Course or Level 3 of the JLPT
- Good health