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This course is suitable for people who have never or only little studied Japanese previously and want to reach a level, where you can deal with predictable day-to-day activities and manage this simple interactions of daily life both commercial and social. The cost of living is high in Japan. So we recommend our students to come with a working holiday visa and find a part time job, to reduce the burden of the cost of everyday expenses, You can also make new friends while you do a part time job and get a better understanding, how the Japanese system works. Asahi Nihongo offers assistance in applying for such visa, part time jobs and others.

Topics: Interview, Self introducion, Shopping, Restaurant, Travel, Hobby
Method: Speaking oriented methode. But also reading, writing and listening will be thaught. Hiragana, Katagana, 100 Kanji
Books: 45Jikan, MNN1, MNN 2 32 Chapter (from Level 0)
A bilingual Dictionary will be helpful.

Course Outline

Start: 2. July 2012
End: 21. September 2012
Contact: Abe Yasutaka ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
Level: Beginner (Click here for the Japanese online level check)
Period: 12 weeks / 192 lessons
Time: 9:00 - 12:15
Lessons: Mon. - Fri 4 Japanese Group Lessons per day,
Price: Book now and pay only 250 000 Yen/ 1 Person instead of regulary 362 000 Yen/ 1 Person+ activity and accommodation
Participants: 8 -17 people per class

Schedule July
BBQ July 7th American Day / Welcome Party / Tanabata Star-Festival
International Party
Yamakasa and Yame Festival
Visit to the Asahi Beer Factory

Schedule August
Japanese Culture Sommercamp (Aug. 14-17)
Hanabi in Ohori Koen
Beer Garden
Aso Vulcano Tour
Yakiniku and Karaoke
Marine Sports

Schedule September
Beppu Onsen Tour
Hojou-Ya (Hakozaki Matsuri)
Tea Ceremony
Kimono Fitting
Sayonara Party

*This schedule is subject to change.

Photos :
One Day Trip to Aso Vulcano and Aso Onsen
Escape the Heat !! BBQ Party 2010
Yamakasa and Yame Festival