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Japanese Online Course

Japanese Online Course

Japanese Language and Internship Asahi Nihongo now offers online Japanese classes!

Our teachers virtually come to your home, office or wherever you use your computer, in Japan as well as abroad. This service is intended for students of Japanese, who have taken classes at Asahi Nihongo and want to continue after returning home, as well as for people who cannot or do not want to leave their home or office. Also, people who study Japanese abroad and need help with homework or exam preparation can benefit from this program.
The lessons are held using Skype, a free software allowing video-calling via the internet.

Lesson contents
As these are private lessons, you are free to choose the contents on your own. If you use the same textbook as Asahi Nihongo, we will work with your book. Otherwise, we will send you learning materials as PDF documents.

One lesson takes 45 minutes and costs 2,000 Yen. The minimum number of lessons is 10. If you live in / Japan, please transfer the money to our bank account in Japan. If you live outside Japan, please pay the fee via PayPal.

1. Make an appointment by telephone or e-mail for a personal consultation. We will meet you directly at our office or via Skype.
2. During the consultation, we agree on learning goals, materials and the schedule.
3. After that, we will send you a timetable with dates, times and teachers.
4. About 20 minutes before the lesson, we send you the learning material via e-mail.
5. Log on to Skype a couple of minutes before the start of the lesson. Asahi Nihongo’s Skype account is: skype_lessons_asahi
The teacher contacts you when the lesson begins.
* Should you be unfamiliar with Skype, we will gladly help you to install it.

Please click on the image below to see our video.


Skype-Tandem is the sequel to our J-Tandem.
The content is the same: Foreign students learning Japanese at Asahi Nihongo and Japanese students learning English or German at our sister school Ritter can mutually improve their language skills by meeting in a so-called tandem. But while J-Tandem is limited to Fukuoka, Skype-Tandem enables people from all over the world to meet with a Japanese friend face-to-face.
This offer is free and it is suited for Asahi Nihongo students wanting to keep in touch with their tandem partner after leaving Fukuoka. But also people who, for example, have never been to Japan before and are interested in getting in touch with the Japanese culture and Language.

1. Please apply by using the application form on our homepage.
2. Tell us a date and time of your choice for the tandem.
3. Asahi Nihongo will send you the contact data of your Skype-Tandem partner.
4. Log on to Skype at the agreed date and time and choose the account of Asahi Nihongo.