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Experience Japan differently. Forget those Japanese lessons or work and come with us to the stylish Fukuma beach. Here we’ll be chilling with our Japanese friends and doing some exciting water sports while hanging out at our local spot, the Pantai Bagus.

Fukuma beach is one of the nicest beaches around Fukuoka with clear water and a large selection of water sports and activities available to beach lovers. Come with us to this wonderful beach! Asahi Marine Sports will provide transport from and to the beach. Use of showers and staying at Pantai Bagus is also included in the price.

If you want to learn windsurfing Fukuma beach is also a great place to learn. At our hangout spot Pantai Bagus there are plenty of people around to help you out or you could get a lesson from a qualified instructor! If Windsurfing is a bit too much for you then you should try Standup Paddle Boarding.

This boarding style out of Hawaii means getting around the water with a paddle and a large volume board you can catch small waves or take a little trip. It’s fun and easy, try it out!