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Experience Japan differently. Forget those Japanese lessons or work and come with us to the stylish Fukuma beach every Tuesday. Here we’ll be chilling with our Japanese friends and doing some exciting water sports while hanging out at our local spot, the Pantai Bagus.
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A day at the beach

Fukuma beach is perfect for chilling out and doing various marine sports like kite surfing, surfing, windsurfing, canoeing and more. It is a sandy beach without stones and it has all the facilities that you may need.

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Standup paddle boarding

Our standard menu includes relaxation at the beach or paddling it out 'til you drop by renting a standup board and paddle.

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Want to harness the power of wind? Come with us to the beach and go windsurfing! Are you a beginner? There is always someone around to help, just let us know! Our teacher Alexander Binner has over 20 years of sailing and windsurfing experience.

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Here is the facility and access information for our beach club, Pantai Bagus.

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Our schedule and prices

These offers are for students of Asahi Nihongo and Ritter School only.

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Asahi Marine Sports: Alternative activities

Sometimes we have very strong or weak winds at the beach. In these cases, we provide alternative beach activities.

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