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Our School Car

Have a look at the license number! What do you think the meaning of 1999 is ??????

Answer: It's the year of the school's foundation, so it brings good luck. Our students like the design and model of our school car. They have fun in it going to the beach, Aso tour, etc. We bought this car to provide the best service possible to our students to enhance the fun of staying at Asahi Nihongo.
Do you want to know what is great about our car? Then have a look at the picture above. With a length of 4.6 m and 8 passenger capacity, it's a great feeling to drive the brand new Toyota Voxy. When we start the engine, everybody can hear the nice and original sound of Toyota. Although it has the the power of 158 PS (max.175km/h), our car is very economical because of it's 14.4km/L fuel consumption. Of course we tryeffort to give our car an individual style.