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joyo_omikoshiJoyo Shinto Festival 2011

Join the festival in Joyo, a small mountainous town situated in southern Fukuoka and have a go at shouldering the shrine! Get involved by helping to carry the shrine and feel the culture of Japan. This is a once in lifetime opportunity to experience something unique. By joining, you will brighten up the festival for everyone. ip ask the eight ball You will also see fireworks and many interesting street stalls. Please come along and join the fun!


Date:Friday, July 15th 2011
Time: 12:00-23:00
Price: 500 yen (Dinner)
Participants: About 30 people
Activities: Wear Yukata (Summer Kimono),
watch fire work, and carry
Omikoshi (Portable shinto shrine)
Caution: When carrying omikoshi, people splash you with water, so please bring a change of clothes.


12:00 Gather at school
12:15 Leave school
13:00 Leave Tenjin by bus
14:15 Arrive at Firefly and stone bridge center
15:00 Omikoshi
17:00 Japanese style bath (Pay yourself 500 Yen)
18:00 Free Yukata (Summer Kimono) rental and fitting.
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Watch the “Hinokami daiko” drum performance
20:30 Watch fire works while wearing Yukata
21:00 Leave by bus
23:00 Return to Tenjin


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