Work and Travel in Japan

Get to know the country by traveling and working

work and travel in Japan

Do you enjoy spending time in Japan but also feel the urge to be more than a tourist? Our Work and Travel program will give you the chance to do so! Experience real life in Japan, work alongside the locals and earn money to cover your travel expenses.

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Upon your arrival, one of our staff members will welcome you at the airport. You do not need to worry about your luggage or how to get to your accommodation. We will take you there. You will also receive a welcome package with interesting and useful information about your stay but first of all, you can relax and gather energy at your new accommodation. On your first day, a Monday, we will show you the beautiful heart of Fukuoka during an approximately two-hour city tour. We will show you the best places to buy stationary and food, where to convert money and send letters as well as other interesting sights such as an old Japanese temple or one of the many lively shopping malls. Fukuoka is located in on the southern island of Kyushu, and has been ranked among the 15 most livable cities worldwide by Monocle magazine for many years.

On Tuesday, we invite you to an orientation course to answer all questions and decide the next steps together. For example, we will help you getting your “Resident Card” in case you have not received it yet. This card will enable you to open a bank account and to purchase a cell phone. Of course, we will assist you with those as well. We will provide information about how to find work, give advice about traveling in Japan and first-hand insight on renting a room or apartment. In short, we will provide everything you need for a flying start of your Work and Travel experience.

We also have an around-the-clock emergency contact (in Japanese, English and German) and office space (desk, PC, Internet access and more) free for you to use during your time in Fukuoka.

Basic Work and Travel Information
Period:  Up to one year possible
 Elementary – Advanced (recommended)
Term of application: 1-3 months before arrival
Start: All year on any Monday; after one week of preparation
Price: 60 000 Yen
Visa: Working Holiday Visa
Price Flat Share: 14 000 Yen (+9 000 Yen arrangement fee, Add. night: 2 000 Yen)
Optional language course (20 lessons): 30 000 Yen per week (+ 19 000 Yen enrollment fee)

– Transfer from airport to accommodation
– Orientation and City Tour on your first day
– Work and Travel Preparation, which includes the following services
● Preparing application papers
Get your own Inkan
● Assistance with getting a cell phone
● Assistance with opening a bank account
● Assistance with finding a job
Free Study Group twice a week at Asahi Nihongo
– Free participation in our Tandem Partner program
– Free use of the school WiFi and computers
– Assistance with postal services in Japan such as forwarding packages and letters
– Contact people for all questions or concerns during your whole stay

Visa: Working Holiday Visa (see below for detailed information on this visa type)
Language skills: Elementary Japanese (JLPT N4) or higher is required; fluent English is recommended. If you think your Japanese skills are insufficient, you can participate in one of our language courses.
Working Holiday Visa
– Nationals of the following countries:
Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, South Korea, Taiwan or the UK
– Between 18 and 30 years of age at the time of application
– No children to take care of
– Evidence of about 200 000 Yen in your local currency on your current bank account
– You can get this visa only once in your life
– Need to enter Japan within one year after receiving the visa
– For further information, please visit the official website

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