Ainoshima Tour

Ainoshima – or more popularly known as “Nekojima”, the cat island – is a fishing island located an hour away from Fukuoka. And because it is an island, you get to ride a ferry to get there!

The island

A convenient half-day’s trip from Fukuoka City, the island is one of the more accessible cat islands out there—yes, there are several—reached via a quick 20-minute ferry ride from Shingu Port. From April 1 to September 30, the island’s tourist season, the ferry runs six times a day. The ferry itself is fairly large and new, with ample deck space to enjoy the jaunt over to Ainoshima. The land area of the island is 1.25 square kilometers. One walk around the whole island would be equivalent to 6 kilometers. The current population is around 500 people and more than 100 cats. Because of the large number of cats, it was called “cat island.”

The cats of Ainoshima

You will immediately notice the cats. There are hundreds of them, roaming freely. Almost all are feral and wild-living. For cat lovers, the place is becoming a tourist attraction. As soon as you get off the boat, you will be met by a signboard telling visitors to not feed the cats on the island. It’s written in English too, to prevent any sanitary problems on the island. The strolling cats of this island are used to people. Also, while cats normally don’t go outside when the rays of the sun are strong, the cats here don’t mind at all and would immediately go to our side and curl up under our shadows or by our feet.

Nature on Ainoshima

Though most of the action is around the port, other sites include a small shrine and stone tumuli dating back to the 5th century. Aside from the cats, another special characteristic of this island is the bountiful nature surrounding it. The color of the sea is really pretty and the waters are so clear, you can see the bottom. An eroded rock called “Megane Rock” and the “Ainoshima Stone Tumuli” which is a designated national historical landmark are the other attractions here. You can come upon the Ainoshima Stone Tumuli if you walk for around 25 minutes to your right.



09:30 Meeting at the Asahi school, transfer to Shingu Ferry Terminal

11:00 Arrival at Shingu port, tranfer to ferry

11:30 Departure of Ferry (Ferry fare: 1,000yen for round trip)

11:50 Arrival at Ainoshima port

12:00 Lunch at local restaurant (only one in the island) (1260yen/person)

13:00 Island tour (Hiking in the tour 5.4km)

14:00 Trip to the Ainoshima stone tumuli

15:00 Relaxing at the beach, eating snacks

17:00 Return to the port

17:30 Ferry ride to Shingu port

17:50 Arrival at Shingu port

19:00 Arrival at the school

19:30 Final wrap-up meeting at the school

20:00 Ending


*Clothing: Very casual cloths (shorts shirts and sneakers). Please bring a jacket in case it gets colder in the evening

*If you have a food allergy, please let the organizers know in advance

*Please inform the organizers about your travel insurances

*Please bring sunblocker and enough water to stay hydrated

Price per person including one meal8000 Yen



1-14-1-302 Shiobaru, Minami-ku, Fukuoka, Japan, 815-0032
(2-minute walk from JR Takeshita Station)
TEL: +81 (0)92-408-9277
FAX: +81- (0)92-408-9559


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