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Daruma Dolls

Daruma Dolls, also known as Dharma Dolls, are traditional Japanese dolls without hands and feet. Their design depends on region and artist, but most Daruma Dolls are painted red and made of paper-mache. The hollow dolls have a round shape

Yamakasa Festival

Yearly Events in Fukuoka

Hakata Gion Yamakasa is one of the most exciting and important events in Hakata. Several beautiful Kazariyamas (decorative portable shrines and floats) are built and are spread over several parts of the city in a two week period. It’s said

Summer in Japan

The last cold days have passed now and we are looking ahead to the upcoming summer. One may prefer this time of the year, since you can start wearing slight clothing or go to the beach. This may apply to

Baseball and the Softbank Hawks

There are many sports that are popular in Japan, but baseball is one of the most popular. The baseball season starts from early April until November, and comprises of 12 different teams from different parts of Japan.Throughout the year, the

Convenience Stores

The lifestyle of the Japanese sometimes gives them little time to shop after work. Because of this, there are many convenience stores (called ‘conbini’) located in Japan – in big cities, there is usually one on every block.In these conbinis,

Cherry Blossoms

April is the season that many flowers in Japan start to bloom. The most notable flowers of this time in Japan are the cherry blossoms (called ‘sakura’ in Japanese) The exact time of the cherry blossoms blooming is difficult to


Momochihama is a section of Fukuoka city, a few kilometers west of Tenjin. What makes Momochihama such a great place is there are many attractions, all for different people. First of all, the Fukuoka Tower is found only a few

The Nimoca Card

The Nimoca Card is one of the many IC (Integrated Circuit) cards in Japan that makes catching public transport in Japan very easy. Its use is mainly confined to public transportation in the Fukuoka prefecture. The Nimoca Card works as

Omiyage in Fukuoka

When visiting anywhere in Japan, most people buy some sort of gift from the place they are visiting. Each prefecture has purposely created unique foods and gifts for people to take home as souvenirs, or ‘omiyage’. The prefectures try to

2 Weeks Japanese Language Course April is the most beautiful time in Japan. The cherry blossoms, called Sakura, are very beautiful and Japanese people spend a lot of time in parks, looking at them. This is also the season for

Winter foods

While we are halfway through winter, we still have many colds days ahead. In this weather, there are many dishes that suit the season well. 1)    Ramen, and other noodle based dishesNoodles based dishes, such as ramen and udon, are

Nihon Ryouri

„Nihon Ryouri“, which means Japanese food, does not just mean Sushi and Rice balls. Indeed it is not rare that Japanese sometimes eat rice three times a day, but the Japanese diet also includes a wide variety of different noodle

Hatsumōde (First Shrine Visit)

New Year’s Day is a very important time for the Japanese. Most shops will be closed on New Year’s Day, and many people will have the day off. On new year’s, many people will visit a shrine, to pay respect


Setsubun is the day before the beginning of spring in Japan. During this festival it is a custom to throw beans (Mamemaki) and therefore it is also called the Bean-Throwing Festival. Throwing those fortune beans invites luck and drives out

How to save money in Japan:

When moving to a new city, it’s always difficult to save money. Here are a few points that could help you save money while living in Japan. 1) ClothesBoth UniQlo and Gap are very good, cheap places to shop for