Beer Garden

On Thursday the, 10th of August, the co-workers of Asahi Nihongo went to Beer Garden at 7pm

to have a 1.5h non-stop dining and drinking-session.

It was Michael`s Sayonara Party. After a 6 months at Asahi Nihongo, he`ll finally leave Fukuoka on Thursday next week. But also Antonia will leave Fukuoka on Monday, after a one-month-stay.

That evening, we all had a lots of fun, especially the guys who kept drinking one beer after another. Time passed by fast and finally after the short one-and-a-half-hours we left the Beer Garden.

Afterwards some part of group went to some kind of Izakaya to continue the drinking.

So the evening went on and finally late at night the “party-session” found an end…

Goodbye Michael! We will miss you!