Bicycle Tour from Tenjin to Shikanoshima

The tour starts in Tenjin-Daimyo, in front of Asahi Nihongo. First, we go north past Yume Town, Hakozaki Shrine and Kaizuka crossing a few bridges on our way. In Kaizuka turn left and keep following the main road towards the Kashii Island City. Cross the river to Gannosu via a large bridge. From there we follow the pedestrian promenade to the end of Uminonakamichi past the aquarium and seaside park. Past another bridge to Shikanoshima with a beautiful view of both the open sea and Hakata Bay, we continue on a solid road.
After a short stop at Kinin, we follow the road and turn right uphill towards Shiomi Park. It is a challenging but rewarding climb up the mountain. From the lookout you have a fantastic view over Fukuoka and the surrounding area. After cycling down to the Shikanoshima ferry port, we take the ferry back to Hakata. You need to buy a ticket for yourself and your bicycle at least 5 minutes before the ferry leaves. From Bayside Hakata we cycle back to Asahi Nihongo and have a drink at a near Izakaya to finish the day after approx. 31 km.

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Date: 3-4 times a year (Mainly on national holidays)
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Place: Tenjin <–> Shikanoshima
Fee: Pay for yourself
Meeting Point: Asahi Nihongo @ 9:50
Apply until: TBA ()


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