CoCo-Time on February 18

Every Wednesday and Friday, we hold our Open School event called Cocotime. During this time, foreign students give a presentation to other people. Three Japanese, two Germans and a Dutch came to join Cocotime on February 18. We talked to Virgil, who is from the Netherlands. He already has studied Japanese for three years by himself. Now he is doing an internship in Japan. Here are some parts of the conversations we had during Cocotime:

V “Hi. My name is Virgil. Nice to meet you guys.”
A “Nice to meet you. Why did you come to Japan?”
V “I came here for an Internship.”
A “You speak really good Japanese. Where did you learn that?”
V “I studied by myself. I’m really into Japanese pop songs, so I tried to learn lyrics by heart. It helped me improving my Japanese skills a lot.”
A “Wow, that is great ! Which singer do you like the most?”
V ” I really like ORANGE RANGE.”

Next, we talked to a Japanese woman, who is learning English:

Y “Nice to meet everyone. I’m Yuri.”
A “Nice to meet you. Which language are you studying?”
Y “I’m studying English because I’d like to study abroad.”
A “That sounds interesting. In which country would you like to study?”
Y “I’d like to go to Australia because I’m interested in child care.”
A “Wow, great! We wish you the best of luck.”
Y ” Thank you.”

We heard many interesting stories from each person who came to Cocotime. Thank you for coming everyone. Hope we can meet soon again!

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