Dazaifu Tour


The Dazaifu tour, one of the most popular activities among our students, is in Daizafu City located in Fukuoka Prefecture.  It takes around 40 minutes by train from Fukuoka City. Dazaifu has a landscape with a very beautiful nature and historical building like a historical museum and an old shrine. The Tenmangu Shrine is the main highlight, where you can follow the history of Sugawara Michizane. A lot of people visit to pray for a success of study, because the shrine is sacred to a Study-God, Michizane Sugawara. Dazaifu has a landscape of very beautiful nature and historical buildings, like a historical museum and an old shrine. If you have a chance to visit Dazaifu, go there in the spring or autumn. In the spring, you can see the various Japanese apricots, Ume (about 200 types!) and in the autumn,you can enjoy the beautiful colored leaves.

Take the chance and discover the wonders of Dazaifu!
Basic Information

Japanese_Language_School_Dazaifu_Tour_a.jpgDay/Time: First Saturday of the months [10:00 – 17:00]
Place: Fukuoka Ken
Guide: Hasegawa Kenji
Level: Beginner – Advanced (Max 25 people)
Fee: 3500 Yen
Apply by: 1 month prior


Japanese_Language_School_Dazaifu_Tour_b10:00 Gather at Asahi Nihongo School
11:00 Tenmangu Shrine
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Visit Zen Garden
16:00 Leaving Dazaifu
17:00 Arrive back at Asahi Nihongo School

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