Don’t go to Tokyo or Osaka! – Come to Fukuoka

If you want to move to Tokyo, be warned. A new survey says the Japanese capital is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Japan’s second largest city, Osaka, is also mentioned on the list of priciest cities. Japan is especially expensive for foreigners. Rent and food prices are very high. A single mango can cost up to $25.

I wonder who goes to Tokyo to live. I guess it’s OK if you are born there and your family has a house. It must cost so much money to move to Japan and set up home. You need to have a good job. I imagine all of the non-Japanese who live in Tokyo are lawyers and doctors. They probably all drive luxery Japanese cars. I also wonder how much it might cost to eat in Tokyo. I bet the sushi is lovely, but I would be afraid to look at the price on the menu. I think house prices might also be scary. Maybe you need to be a millionaire.
In Fukuoka you do not have to worry; it is a wonderful place to live!

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