Enjoying Fukuoka’s Street Food

What is the best way to enjoy delicious street food and talk to interesting people simultaneously? Going to one of the many Yatais in Fukuoka City!

Yatai is a kind of mobile food stall – a symbol of Fukuoka’s local cuisine – and a place to meet new people from all over the world because yatai are not only popular with locals but also with tourists.

So what can you expect when sitting down at a yatai? Well you will hardly find any raw food like Sashimi or Sushi as hygienic regulations are stricter than for ordinary restaurants. Instead, you have a wide range of different grilled food like Yakitori, Soups like Ramen or Udon, fried vegetables and fish or Karaage.

Our students tried out different kinds of food and were quite surprised by the huge variety offered to a fair price. They were able to taste Fukuoka’s local cuisine and also had a chat with a few locals. All in all, it was a wonderful evening. We hope to see you again on September 4th! Please do not forget to check our activity board at school for the latest cultural events! 😉


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