Enrollment Procedure

Enrollment Procedure

We are delighted that you are considering Asahi Nihongo School for your study or internship in Japan. Below, you will find the enrollment procedures for students.

1. Contact

You can contact us by using our Contact Forms, Estimate Request Forms, Email or by phone.

ff Contact Form
ff Estimate Request Form
ff Email : info@asahinihongo.com
ff TEL: +81-92-716-6212

2. Estimate

We will send you an estimate for your program as soon as you have requested it.

3. Application (Please apply at least one month prior to your planned arrival.)

Please enroll the Application by email.
ffApplication Form Word PDF

4. Confirmation of Application and Invoice

We will send you a Confirmation of Application and an Invoice as soon as we have accepted your application.

5. Accommodation Information

We will send you your accommodation information 2 to 4 weeks prior to your arrival
containing information about the accommodation and a detailed map.

6. Letter for your Host Family (Only for those who have requested to stay with a host family.)

Please send us a letter for your host family in English or Japanese. Word files, PDF files or by email are all acceptable.
ffEmail : info@asahinihongo.com

7. Payment (At least one month prior to your arrival.)

You can find the bank transfer information on your Confirmation of Application and Invoice.

8. Confirmation of Payment

We will send you the following documents when we have confirmed your payment.
ffNotification of Payment
ffCertificate of Acceptance
ffInformation Package

9. Flight Information (At least one week prior to your arrival.)

Please let us know your flight number, arrival date and time at the Fukuoka Airport.

10. Arrival

We will pick you up at the airport if you have requested our transportation service.

11. Orientation

You will have an orientation, a level check test and a city tour on the first Monday, unless it is a holiday. In this case, the orientation will be on Tuesday. We will give you your schedule after the tour, and your lesson will start on the next day.

12. Certificate

We will give you your certificate of completion on the last Friday of your course. Well done!

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