Fun To Write ‘Kanji’!

(Good job!)

(Warming up before writing great piece of calligraphy work)

We had the calligraphy class yesterday. 4 students enjoyed writing Kanji characters.
Each piece of work is unique and has originality. Moreover we can found each student’s personality. Jimmy-san wrote 「未来有名旅館経営者になる」meaning of “To be a famous hotel owner in future”, which is one of his dreams and he’s been working on it at the University. Andreas-san wrote 「勉強する」,which means “Studying’. Please study Japanese hard at Asahi Nihongo. Ulrik-san’s 「宇宙人と連絡」 meaning of “Contact with an alien”. I wonder he wants to contact an alien?? I hope an alien is friendly. Marius-san wrote 「鋼」, which means “Steel”. Does he want to have steel heart or steel body? or like steel itself?

Anyway we like their ideas. It’s important to choose Kanji without any inhibition and write down in Kanji what students think of.