Fukuoka Christmas World is looking for people from abroad interested in seasonal employment at the Christmas Market in Hakata as well in Tenjin.

Briefing Date & Time: Monday, November 5th 2018 @ 16:15
Meeting Place: Japanese Language School
Shift time and period:
Hakata:13 NOV – 28 DEC

Monday to Thursday: 17:00 to 23:00
Friday: 17:00 to 23:30
Saturday: 12:00 to 23:30
Sunday and public holidays: 12:00 to 23:00

Tenjin: 29 NOV – 28 DEC
Monday to Friday: 17:00 to 22:00
Saturday, Sunday and public holiday: 12:00 to 22:00
The location of Tenjin Market is Fureai Hiroba (in front of city hall)
Hourly Rate Work: 900 yen per hour
Hourly Rate Training: 850 yen per hour
Location: JR Hakata City Station Square & Tenjin
Job Description: Sales of hot wine, German snacks, and miscellaneous goods
Required documents: Copy of the photo with a resume (English OK) and proper work visa

Please notice: 
The meeting will take place at JR Hakata City building at 19:00 on 10th of NOV. Basically, if you are hired and don’t have a specific reason that you can’t attend this meeting, you must join this meeting. (All workers, including part-time Japanese and foreign workers, attend this meeting so actually, it would be fun for them)

Contact: info@asahinihongo.com


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