Internship at Kyushu no Mura after Language Course

After finishing his Japanese language course at our school, Cameron from Australia wanted to do an internship in a Japanese company connected to human resources and gain deeper insight into the Japanese business world. Asahi Nihongo helped Cameron preparing for the internship position by teaching Japanese business manners and also writing important documents like a Japanese resume together.

Here in Fukuoka, the companies are very open and can adjust more easily to foreigners because the city has a long history of being Japan’s gate to international trading routes. With the continuous decline of the Japanese population, foreign qualified personnel and specialists are in high demand. Consequently, there is a better chance in many industries to find a job.

Cameron helped Kyushu no Mura research information for their travel guides and translated the Japanese versions into English. He also joined field trips to rural areas on Kyushu and learned about Japanese traditions.

Everyone at the company only spoke Japanese, which had a very positive effect on Cameron’s conversation skills.

We fall... in order to RISE

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