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Company Description

Samurai Buyer is an online retailer for Japanese goods. They offer three main services to satisfy the needs of Japan-enthusiasts all around the world and to make inaccessible Japanese products available to everyone. Proxy shopping helps with purchasing products from the Japanese Amazon. The auction service grants people from overseas access to Yahoo Auction and buy products that would normally not be shipped internationally. The transfer service enables customers to purchase goods from any Japanese online page that otherwise do not ship outside Japan.

Company Data

Working hours: 11:00-18:00
Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays, *Longer holidays possible with consent of company.
English skills of staff: Advanced
Number of employees: 9

Company Photos

Duties and Goals

– Product marketing
– Online promotion
– Customer support
– Website programming and animation (PHP).

Improving Japanese skills and acquiring marketing or programming expertise.

Required Skills and Things

Required skills: Being able to take initiative. Basic computer knowledge (MS Office, etc.)
Knows how to use SNS such as Facebook
Programmers: Python, Flask, HTML5, CSS, Github, etc. preferred
Japanese skills: Level 1 – Beginner (Minna no Nihongo 1); English is enough
Required things: Own notebook preferred
Required clothes: Any clothes are OK


Edmund G. (September 4, 2017 – October 13, 2017)