Internship Fukuoka – Giada


One of our students – Giada P. – did an internship at an artist’s studio in Fukuoka. We were curious and asked her about the experiences and impressions she gained during the internship.

24-year-old Giada from Italy decided to do an internship at “Rose Yoko”, an artist’s studio in Fukuoka.
During her 5-month long internship, she mainly designed dresses with the help of a computer program and actually designed the dresses by herself afterwards. She also created, together with artist Uchida Yoko, a wedding dress collection called “Hakata and Juilet”.

Giada really enjoyed the work with her colleagues as well as the tasks of creating designs and decorate the dresses afterwards. She always wanted to become a fashion designer and therefore, the internship really helped her to pursue her dream job. If she got another chance, she would also like to work in this studio again.

After finishing her internship, she also held a presentation in front of the others students of Asahi Nihongo to share her experiences. Thank you very much, Giada.

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