Internship Interview at Obei Business Center

Gerrit (Netherlands)
We had a brief interview with Gerrit from the Netherlands, who has done an internship at Obei Business Center.
L: Hey Gerrit, thank you for taking the time for this interview.
G: It`s a pleasure.
L: How old are you and what have you done before you came to Japan?
G:I`am 22 right now, I’ve been working in Australia before and I`ve been studying International Business an Management in the Netherlands.
L: How was your internship at Obei Business Center?
G:I had a lot of fun there and learned a lot about Marketing and how to act in Japanese business life.
L: What are the most important things you adapted from your stay in Japan?
G: Gaining respect for others as I noticed in Japanese culture, having respect for nature and gaining many new friends.
L: Thank you for your answers Gerrit!
G: You`re welcome.

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