Japanese Long-term Course

Get ready for the Olympic Games in Tokyo with our Japanese Long-term Course. This course covers a period of three months (240 lessons), and you will learn a lot of useful grammar and how to cope with certain situations such as managing your everyday life (go shopping, go to a restaurant, etc.), conveying your feelings and opinions as well as how to lead fluent conversations in Japanese. You will have four lessons a day from Monday to Friday and all of our qualified teachers are native speakers, who will guide you through your stay in Japan.

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The school location – easy to access, easy to explore


Asahi Nihongo is located between Akasaka and Tenjin station – a perfect spot to start your tour through Fukuoka City. This is Fukuoka’s most exciting place because the busiest areas like Tenjin, Oyafuko street, Daimyo and Imaizumi are just a short walk away. You can also easily access department stores like Parco, Iwataya and Big Camera. In the Daimyo area, you can find a lot of small and stylish shops, bars and restaurants. We recommend Oyafuko and Nishi street for Karaoke or for just having a good time.

Why you should join this course

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_00_ReasonsWith a reduced weekly price of 20 000 Yen, this course favors students that plan on studying for a longer period of time to prepare for work or life in Japan. The average class size is 2 to 6 students, mainly from Western countries. This means a lot of personal attention from the teacher. During lessons, we speak Japanese only. English is used only if a student does not understand at all. The school is located in the city-center, making it easy to organize 15 to 20 cultural activities a week. In addition, we offer a Tandem program, where you can find a language exchange partner from our sister school Ritter.

Basic Course Information

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_01 Basic Course InformationStart: January, April, October
Period: 12 weeks to 24 weeks
Level: All Japanese levels
Lessons: 20 lessons a week / 4 lessons a day
Course Fee: from 240 000 to 480 000 Yen (+19 000 Yen one-time application fee)
Price Flat Share: 14 000 Yen (+9 000 Yen arrangement fee, Add. night: 2 000 Yen)

Free Services

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_02 Free servicesFree Study Group (40 minutes each) every Wednesday and Friday
– 1 Kanji Lesson (60 minutes) every Friday
– Lesson materials (textbook, copies, etc.)
– Lunch box on the first day
– Entrance to our International Party
– Certificate of Completion

Real-life Practice Opportunities

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_03 Real-life Practice OpportunitiesTo give you an ample amount of  opportunities to practice what you have learned during classes, we offer about 15 activities every week.

Study Materials

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_04 Study MaterialsWe mainly use the “Minna no Nihongo” series of Japanese textbooks for our lessons because new grammar is introduced in an easy-to-understand way and the books offer many different exercises for practice. The textbooks as well as accompanying materials are also available in more than 20 languages.
Beginner to Upper Elementary (Level 1 – 4)Minna no Nihongo Shokyu I / II
Lower and Upper Intermediate (Level 5 and 6) – Minna no Nihongo Chukyu
Upper Intermediate (Level 6)Chukyu Kara Manabu

Sophisticated Teaching Method

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_05 Sophisticated Teaching Method We teach by using the “communicative approach,” and 90% of the lesson is taught in Japanese. The focus lies on communication skills, learning to speak and understand Japanese. You learn a language by communicating in an enjoyable and engaging way. We believe the student’s share of a student-teacher dialogue should be around 70%. Students improve their speaking skills by practicing as often as possible.

Weekly Schedule

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_06 Weekly ScheduleLessons are from Monday to Friday and we use the weekend for day trips around Fukuoka. You will receive the latest schedule every Friday. We try to have lessons in the morning from 9:00 to 12:15 Lesson (first group) to keep the afternoon free for activities. However some times it is also possible that you will have lessons from 13:00 to 16:15 Lesson (second group). Every Wednesday and Friday, we organize a Free Talk Time from 18:00 and a Kanji Class from 17:00. On the first Monday of every new course, we do an Orientation and City Tour with our new students.

Experienced Teachers

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_07 Experienced Teachers

We are very proud to have one of the most experienced teachers who has been teaching Japanese for over 30 years at our school. Our teachers do regular simulated lessons to keep their teaching method up-to-date and to ensure that every teacher offers the same lesson quality. Meet our teachers and staff members.
Kazuko Ueda (上田 和子)
Languages: Japanese, English (TOEIC 750)
Work history: Master of Arts in Education; Teaching experience since 1985

Our Student Support 

Japanese_Short_Term_Course_in_10_Oct_08 Our Student Support– Shinji Kuriyama (Student Adviser, Kanji Class, Japanese Tutorial)

Student Opinions
Dennis R. (Student)
“I found a lot of friends.”
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Tim H. (Student)
“Time passed so fast.”
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