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How do you learn Japanese in the best way possible?
The best way is to learn Japanese in Japan, because you have to use the things you have learnt in school in the daily life. Together with a small group of people, where everybody sticks together and are on the same speaking level, you can motivate eachother well. Experienced teachers help in the most difficult situations and hand out suitable and well-known learning material. Our special language course Otona no Nihongo gives you exactly this experience!

With Otona no Nihongo you not only take part in an intensive Japanese course, but also live in the wonderful city of Fukuoka. No matter if by car or by boat, you will get surpervised as much as you like. Our motto is: quality over quantity!

Your Japanese course
Otona no Nihongo (Otona = Adult, Nihongo = Japanese) is extra designed for adults with class.
In small groups of max. 4 people, students can learn the Japanese language on six different levels; moreover, they can also take a deeper look into the language. Still based on our motto: quality over quantity!

Your Otona no Nihongo – Japanese course contains:
– a Japanese course for at least two weeks
– Japanese lessons from Monday to Thursday
– 4 lessons a day, each lesson takes 45 min (16 lessons a week)
– during the lessons, Japanese is used most of the time
– learning with the well-known MINNA NO NIHONGO
Your Japanese lessons will take place before midday, so you have enough time to explore Fukuoka in the afternoon.

Your teachers
All teachers at Otono no Nihongo are native Japanese speakers. Moreover, many of them are officially recognized and have many years of experience in teaching languages. Despite of English, some even speak a little bit German.

Starting dates
Basically, you can start the Otona no Nihongo language course right away. It only depends on your already existing Japanese skills:
Do you already have some knowledge in Japanese? Then you can start every Monday.
Do you want to start learning Japanese from the beginning? Then your course starts on the first Monday every month.
Only during Christmas and New Year you cannot start a language course.

During your stay in the city of Fukuoka, you live at our longtime partner Access Tenjin. You will have an own apartment with a bed-, bath- and living room; moreover, you will own some cooking facilities. Your accomodation will be located in the centre of Fukuoka with a lot of possibilities to
use the public transportation system. The best: the school will be accessible on foot.

Offer on every Friday
With Otona no Nihongo you will have an amount of possibilities what to do in your free time. For example, you can take part in Secret Q-Shu Tours and discover the island Kyushu by car or by boat; so, you get another perpective of Kyushu away from the mainstream.

For the language course Otona no Nihongo you need a valid passport and a valid visa.
Despite of that, you only need to be interested in Japanese culture and be in good and cheerful mood.

The total costs include fixed costs (like the language course and the accomodation) and individual costs of maintenance. In the following you can have a look at the costs:

Fixed costs
Language course, one week (16 lessons): 30’000 Yen
Application fee: 19’000 Yen
Accommodation per night (optional): 3’800 Yen
One-way airport transfer (optional): 10’000 Yen

Additional costs
Full-day tour (6-10 hours, without catering): 10’000 Yen
Half-day tour (~3hours, without catering): 5’000 Yen

Individual costs of maintenance
for three dishes per day: ~2’000 Yen
public transportion system: ~500 Yen

Contact us
You will get a reply within 24 hours (weekdays)!

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