Kimono dressing at SUiTO

Today, students of the Asahi Nihongo were able to dress up in traditional Japanese Kimonos to get a feeling of Japan’s formal clothing.
The students walked from the school towards the Imaizumi area where, with the friendly cooperation of SUiTO, everybody got equipped with a Kimono of their choice.

The students got help in dressing up as getting into a Kimono by yourself is quite tricky. Two employees of SUiTO managed to get our students in a Kimono in just a few minutes.

After happily checking themselves in the mirror, our students went to the Kego Shrine to take pictures in a Japanese looking environment. A television crew of a local channel came over to film the impressions of foreigners wearing Kimonos for the first time.

In the end, everybody had a lot of fun with this very traditional experience.

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