Learn Japanese and Sailing

I came to Japan to practice Marine Sports in 1996. I discovered a different approach of doing the same Marine Sports, when I came across some Japanese sports men.

Here in Japan, I’ve had the opportunity to do Marine Sports in a beautiful way. It was not about winning or losing, it was about always doing your best, enjoying yourself and Yachting beautifully while competing with honor. I was fascinated by the way of thinking, which people call it “the Japanese Spirit”. I thought that particular spirit makes Japan and the Japanese people unique.

When I opened Asahi Nihongo in 1999, my goal was not just to teach Japanese but also to teach the Japanese spirit to our students. To make our students understand the Japanese spirit, we choose very carefully our teachers, teaching material and our teaching style. We also developed our cultural activities, especially sailing to show our students the Japanese spirit in many different ways.

Alexander Binner


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