Lucrezia from Italy Advertizes Fukuoka for InOut

Doing an internship in Japan has been a long-awaited dream for Lucrezia, and it will definitely give her an edge in her future career.
Lucrezia is planning and leading guided tours through Fukuoka and the surrounding areas.
Her last tour has already been scheduled for the end of March. Hopefully, she will have the support of the cherry blossoms.

On February 10th, Lucrezia will take Western students to different temples and shrines in Fukuoka.
The tour will be accompanied by a professional photographer.
The event takes about 4 hours from 13:00 o’clock and is free for Asahi Nihongo students. We will meet in the Asahi Nihongo lobby at 12:30.
Since InOut is a Japanese company through and through, Lucrezia can practice her language skills every day and experience real Japanese work culture.
She is very ambitious as an intern and has earned the trust of her superiors – one of the most important things in Japanese companies.

We look forward to exploring Fukuoka’s traditional side with Lucrezia next month.

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