My home town Kumamoto

Hello everyone. My name is Kanako Urata. I am a student at Seinan University and I am doing an internship at Asahi Nihongo. Today, I would like to introduce my home town, Kumamoto (former name: Higo no kuni). Agriculture is the main industry in Kumamoto. For example, there is a lot of stock farming and many people work in rice fields. Speaking of Kumamoto, Basashi (horsemeat) and Karashi Renkon (mustard lotus root) are well-known as special foods. However, “Dago soup” and “Ikinari Dango” are eaten at home as well. Dago-soup is made of various vegetables and Dago (dumpling). These dumplings are made from wheat flour and various seasonings are used to improve the taste though at my house, the traditional seasoning is Miso. Ikinari Dango is a Japanese sweet made up of mashed sweet potatoes and Anko (red beans paste) in flour dough. It is known in Fukuoka as well and very delicious!

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