Nagasaki Lantern Festival 2018

From February 16 to March 4, you have the chance to attend the “Nagasaki Lantern Festival”.

During this festival, a large number of lanterns is set up around the old and new China Town as well as at favorite tourists spots and temples in Nagasaki City.

The festival was celebrated exclusively by the Chinese residents of Nagasaki as the “Chinese New Years Celebration” before it was officially renamed in 1994. The festival is always held from January 1 until January 15 according to the lunar calendar. This means the festival is celebrated slightly sooner or later each year than the year before.

Besides the beautiful lanterns, visitors are also able to watch different parades and performances like the Emperor’s Parade, the Mazu procession, the lion and dragon dance, or Chinese acrobatics. Delicious Chinese food is served at different locations as well.

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