News from our Internship Company Mizu Trans

Today we went to Mizu Trans Corporation, a company that provides translation, interpretation and guide services by certified specialists.

Rhys from Australia is doing a two-month internship here to gain experience and to make contacts for a future in the marketing area. He moved from Kyoto to Fukuoka because Asahi Nihongo is one of only a few schools that offer internship placements in Japanese companies. He started with proofreading the company’s information material and is now involved in three different projects.

The first project is to promote a holiday home for foreigners.
You can stay in a renovated traditional Japanese house and experience the rural lifestyle.
Another interessting project Rhys is working on is the Farming Project in Miyako town which includes harvesting rice and picking pears with local farmers as well as a BBQ and a visit to the Onsen to finish the day.
The latest project involves promoting the Tagawa Tour, which takes place only once every year and is limited to 15 people.

Rhys likes his friendly bosses very much, who also take him to business meetings and on company tours.
After work, Rhys spends the evening with his friends at the share house and enjoys the night life of Fukuoka. Keep up the great work Rhys!

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