Origami Class

Have you ever tried Origami before? Various kinds of things can be made with just one piece of paper.
If you have never folded Origami, it might seem really difficult at first, though Origami is a really interesting form of art. In Japan, most people have learnt how to fold Origami at kindergarten and the crane (Jap.: tsuru) is the most famous motive. So we are used to do Origami for events and parties. Today, Kawaguchi-sensei taught our students how to fold a flying crane. Normally, Origami figures are static but Kawaguchi-sensei showed how to fold a crane that can move its wings by pulling its tale. This is amazing, even for Japanese! In addition, she taught them various kinds of Origami figures like Totoro, a piano and Kabuto.
It was a lot of fun and we look forward to the next time.


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