Oshima Fishing Tour

The island of Oshima is definitely worth a visit while being on Kyushu. We organize a trip including fishing and sightseeing activities, so let’s take a closer look at what awaits you in this natural paradise.

The Island of Oshima

Oshima, also called Chikuzen Oshima, is a small island with a perimeter of about 15km that is mostly covered in mountain forests and other wilderness. You can enjoy sea fishing at a fish preserve and sea kayaking at Umingu Oshima, a facility for marine-related experiences. There is also Yume no Sayoshima, which is a small island that has a beautiful contrast of vermilion torii gates planted in the sea with a backdrop of pine trees. Oshima has plenty to see! From temples like the impressive Nagatsu-ku in which the daughter of Amaterasu is enshrined to beautiful landscapes that you can look over from the windmill observatory, which is one of the highest points of the entire island. As you can see, there is a lot to do on this small island, and after exploring it, there is always a beach close to you on which you can dig your feet in the warm sand and relax. It takes a little time to get there, but once you arrived, you’ll be able to fully enjoy one of Japan’s most beautiful and natural habitat.

Oshima is full of beautiful natural landscapes. Its deep history can be felt so it is nominated to become a part of World Heritage Sites.  It will take around 25 minutes ferry ride from Kono Ferry Port of Munakata City and arrive at Oshima. The port itself is quite simple, but Mt. Ontake towering over the island gives the place a majestic feeling.

From here, the path leads your steps to a quiet woodland path. The woodland road with mysterious atmosphere can prove that military exploring troops said that they had to visited the place dozens of times to explore the unspoiled path. On this road, which makes you feel that you are the only one in the forest, you hear nothing but your own thoughts. The road connects to the windmill observation deck which is known as the most romantic place in Oshima. The interweaving silver grass, sea and sky is the highlight of this magical location. In 1936 batteries were placed along the northern coast of Kyushu in order to stengthen defences. Even now, Oshima’s batteries still stand because they never actually been involved in the war. The windmill observatory is located next to these old reminders of war times.

Following the windmill observation path, you will encounter the remnants of former Houdaiato, an old wartime fort. You can look over the Sea of Genkai and feel the freedom. Relax a little on the observation deck. After a little walk further down from the observation deck, you will find more torii which give the impression that they are floating, which increases the mysteriousness of the island. The path from here will lead you through a quiet village path.

Off to the north of Oshima is Okinoshima, an island nicknamed the island of the gods. Even to this day women and girls are not allowed to set foot on the island, this place serves as a spot for the men of Oshima to worship the gods.

As you arrive in the town area, you will encounter the Munakata Grand Shrine Nakatsu-gu. This is the shrine where Tagitsu Hime-no-Kami , one of the three Munakata goddesses, resides and is worshiped: Tagitsu Hime, daughter of the sun goddess Amaterasu herself  is enshrined here.
Hikoboshi Shrine and Orihime Shrine, are smaller shrines located right next to it. A lot of visitors come to this shrine in order to pray for safety for them and their loved ones.
Tagitsu Hime-no-Kami is also regarded as the birthplace of the Tanabata legend, where the two celestial lovers Kengyu and Orihime are only allowed to meet once a year. Upon passing the shrine, a little steep mountain path begins to climb up the mountain peak of Mt. Ontake. As you walk up the mountain, which leads to the windmill observation deck, you will definitely feel a little out of breath. Enjoy the view of  the surrounding sea in every direction, a view only a small island can provide. Calm down with a cool breeze of salty fresh air after climbing up to the slope.
Umingu Oshima

UMINGU Oshima is a public marine experience facility which opened in April, 2011. It offers a distinctive insight into the world under the sea, especially the fish that can be found on the coasts of Oshima. You can learn a lot, view, catch and eat numerous fish, all under the guidance of professionals, which help you whenever you need them. There are fishing grounds (a sea fishing pond and fishing breakwater), a boat-cruise-fishing service and kayaks that you can rent to enjoy the view from the middle of the ocean. If you don’t know how to fish, you don’t need to worry: there are classes with experienced fisherman that will show you how to hook the fish of your dreams. Of course, you can keep and cook the fish if you want to. Furthermore, UMINGU offers an underwater observatory from which you can spot the fish in their natural habitat. After a long day of studying and catching fish, enjoy the sunset at one of the numerous beaches of Oshima!


09:30 Meeting at the Asahi school

11:00 Arrival at Ferry Terminal

11:15 Departure from the ferry terminal to Oshima Island

11:45 Arrival on Oshima island

12:00 Island tour and lunch at windmill observation deck, island panorama

13:30 Visiting Munakata, Nakatsu-gu shrine

14:00 Swimming at the beach, Umingu Oshima, fishing

16:00 self-caught fish dinner at Umingu

17:45 Back to Ferry Terminal

18:00 Departure from Ferry terminal

18:30 Arrival and driving back to Asahi Nihongo

20:00 Arrive at school

20:30 Final wrap-up meeting at the school

21:00 Ending


*Clothing: Very casual cloths (shorts shirts and sneakers). Please bring a jacket in case it gets colder in the evening

*If you have a food allergy, please let the organizers know in advance

*Please inform the organizers about your travel insurances

*Please bring sunblocker and enough water to stay hydrated


Price per person: 9500 Yen (including one meal)



Contact Person: Ms. Mizuho MIZUTANI

1-14-1-302 Shiobaru, Minami-ku, Fukuoka, Japan, 815-0032
(2-minute walk from JR Takeshita Station)
TEL: +81 (0)92-408-9277
FAX: +81- (0)92-408-9559
Mail: mizutani@mizu-trans.jp
Web: http://mizu-trans.jp


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