Your School Team

The Asahi Nihongo team always push themselves to the limit and strive to help students at all times. An important philosophy in Japan is "Kaizen". It is often translated into English as "continuous improvement".

Our teachers hold weekly meetings and endeavor to improve themselves as well as our courses in order to give our students the best service in the business. We also have native speakers teaching English and German, who help develop the Japanese courses as well by giving feedback and making suggestions.

Our teachers are respected members of Japanese society. If you study with us, you will see how serious and ambitious they are. Our staff love their job, our students and our school. They are dedicated to provide high quality service in all matters. You might find them strict at times but at the same time delightful to meet, talk to and learn from. They will become true mentors for your Japanese studies and your life in Japan.

Misa Wada (和田 美沙)

– Japanese Teacher –
Languages: Japanese, English (Practical English Proficiency Grade 3)
Work history: More than 10 years teaching experience
Zodiac sign: Leo
Hobbies: Hot spring, Watching soccer games, Traveling
Talent: Replicating paintings
Recommended place in Fukuoka: Chikae (restaurant)
Favorite color: Navy blue
Favorite animal: Zebra
Motto: "Think positive!"
Message to our students: "Try writing your diary in Japanese."

Kazuko Ueda (上田 和子)

– Japanese Teacher –
Languages: Japanese, English (TOEIC 700)
Work history: Teaching experience since 1985
Zodiac sign: Tiger
Hobbies: Watching movies, Meeting people
Talent: Master of Arts in Education
Recommended place in Fukuoka: Tochoji Temple
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: Dog
Motto: "Keep smiling!"
Message to our students: "Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Just speak as much as you can!"

Fumiko Muraoka (村岡 文子)

– Japanese Teacher –
Languages: Japanese, English (a little)
Work history: Teaching experience since 2010
Zodiac sign: Horse
Hobbies: Horse riding, Relaxing
Talent: Taisho harp
Recommended place in Fukuoka: Tsubame-No-Mori-Hiroba (mall)
Favorite color: Gold
Favorite animal: Cat
Motto: "It’s getting better all the time."
Message to our students: "日本語を楽しんで。"

Aya Naruse (成瀬 文)

– Japanese Teacher –
Languages: Japanese, English, Arabic (beginner)
Work history: Teaching experience since 2011
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Hobbies: Breeding fish, Music, Art, Aerobics
Talent: Naginata
Recommended place in Fukuoka: Yakuin, Hakata port
Favorite color: Green
Favorite animal: Panda
Motto: "The vicissitudes of life."
Message to our students: "言葉は新しい世界への扉です。一緒に日本という世界を楽しみましょう!"

Shinji Kuriyama (栗山 真治)

– Japanese Teacher, Student Adviser –
Languages: Japanese, English
Work history: Teaching experience since 2014
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Hobbies: Reading books, Listening to music
Talent: Philosophy
Recommended place in Fukuoka: Yakuin
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: Elephant
Motto: "The impermanence of worldly things."
Message to our students: "Ask a lot."

Lukas Schwaebe (シュヴェーべ ルーカス)

– Course Adviser, Administration –
Languages: German, English, Japanese
Work history: Multilingual secretary since 2014
Zodiac sign: Aries
Hobbies: Listening to music, Volleyball, Video games
Talent: Computer
Recommended place in Fukuoka: Dazaifu, Fukuoka Tower
Favorite color: Black, Blue
Favorite animal: Panda
Motto: "Give every single day the chance to be the best of your life."
Message to our students: "We can find the perfect course for you!"

Alexander Binner (久芳 海人)

– Director –
Languages: German, Japanese, English
Work history: CEO since 1999
Zodiac sign: Libra
Hobbies: Water sports, Outdoor activities, Talking
Talent: Predicting the weather
Recommended place in Fukuoka: Mitoma and Fukuma Beach, Keya
Favorite color: Marine blue
Favorite animal: Sea turtle
Motto: "Hope for the best but expect the worst."
Message to our students: "Make Japanese friends and speak Japanese as much as possible."