Secret Q-Shu


Secret Q-Shu’s is to enhance the interchange of small communities and foreigners by introducing spots on the island which are hidden from the main stream tourism.  All tours are guided by an English speaker through foreigners can connect to local people, nature, and a disappearing but still existing traditional lifestyle. Please join us if you would like to explore Fukuoka and Kyushu in a way which you can not find in tourist guides.

Green Tea Homestay
Green Tea Tourism began thanks to local tea farmers in 2014 with the goal of welcoming visitors from across Japan and abroad to learn about the flavors, health benefits, and qualities of Japanese green tea. In this way, the farmers could share their products with a greater audience around the world. We want to invite visitors into our beautiful tea field scenery and share with them the best ways to prepare and enjoy green tea. Visitors will experience the strong relationship between the farmers and their tea, the history of tea in Higashi Sonogi, and how our tea is produced. Discover Higashi Sonogi today
Ainoshima Tour
A convenient half-day trip from Fukuoka City, Ainoshima is one of the more accessible cat islands out there – yes, there are several – since you can reach the island via a quick ferry ride from Shingu Port in about 20 minutes. The ferry runs six times a day from April 1 to September 30, the island’s tourist season. The ferry itself is quite large and has all modern comforts, with ample deck space to enjoy the trip over to Ainoshima. The island covers an area of 1.25 km2 and a walk around the whole island  is about 6 kilometers. The number of cats amounts to one fifth of the current population of around 500 people. This is why Ainoshima is also called the “cat island.” Visit the cats of Ainoshima
Oshima Tour
Oshima, also called Chikuzen Oshima, is a small island that is mostly covered in mountain forests and wilderness. You can enjoy sea fishing at the Umingu Oshima preserve, a facility for marine-related experiences. There is also the small island of Yume no Sayoshima, which offers a fantastic view with Torii gates in the sea contrasting pine trees in the background. There is a lot to see on Oshima – from temples such as Nagatsu-ku, in which the daughter of Amaterasu is enshrined, to beautiful landscapes that are visible from the windmill observatory, one of the highest points of the entire island. Find out more about Oshima