Shopping Spotlight – Donki 

If you’re traveling through Japan, you may have already seen the cute blue penguin character appearing in a lot of Japanese cities. This character isn’t the main protagonist of a new Manga series though, it is indeed the mascot of Japan’s biggest discounter chain: Don Quijote (ドン キホーテ), often shortened to Donki (ドンキ).

Donki is a place of wonders for any foreigner visiting Japan for the first time. Often located on multiple floors, Donki offers literally anything you could wish for – from food, over household items to clothing. There aren’t many things you won’t find at Donki.
Donki was founded in Tokyo in 1980 by Takao Yasuda, who built himself an empire of discount stores and bargains. Initially being called “Just”, the franchise’s name was changed to Donki in 1989. A name the chain has retained until today.

Even though Donki is a Japanese company and mainly popular on the Japanese islands, the franchise has started to expand to Hawaii, with a further expansion into other US states is planned as well.
If you see the cute penguin “Donpen” around, don’t hesitate to pay a visit. You will find lots of things you didn’t need but suddenly really want.

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