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Calligraphy class 

Today, the students of the Asahi Nihongo school had the opportunity to take part in a calligraphy class. Calligraphy is an art that is deeply interwoven with Japanese history and culture. The perfect execution of drawing Japanese letters is much

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Free Calligraphy on T-Shirts

Due to the opening of the Canal Tourist Lounge in Canal City on October 20, students of Asahi Nihongo had the chance to encounter Japanese Calligraphy and write down their favourite Kanji (Chinese character) for free. Afterwards, the character was

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Calligraphy on July 16

Today’s activity was calligraphy! In Japanese it is called Shodo. Kikuchi sensei introduced the material used for Japanese calligraphy. There are different style to write a kanji. We had the opportunity to write several kanji of our choice. We also

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Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo) on May 18

Two students from Germany attended today’s Japanese Calligraphy class. They chose the Chinese characters 火 (fire) and 水 (water) for practice. The sheets they are holding show their characters before and after they had learnt how to write properly from Kikuchi-sensei. Both are nice and

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