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Internship Lena W.

Lena W. Internship Program: Unpaid Internship Company/Type: Quantize Inc. Nationality: German In today’s interview, Lena from Germany talks about her internship at the fashion designer Quantize. Why do you like Japan? I always liked Japan for its language and culture

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Lolita Fashion Dinner 

This Saturday one of our students presented the Lolita fashion collection she has been working on for the last months in an Atelier in Daimyo. The student finished her internship at the fashion atelier, the show was her final graduation

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Traditional Japanese Clothing 

One beautiful thing about Japan is that you’re still able to see the history of the country’s textile industry in everyday life. Although most Japanese dress in Western clothing nowadays, seeing people wearing a Kimono is still a common thing

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Testimonial for Quantize

I did an internship at the fashion label Quantize. I have been working there for almost four weeks from the July 3rd to July 29th, two or three times a week. The Quantize studio is located in Ropponmatsu in an

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Vidal Sassoon Japan Tour Fukuoka 2015

One of our ex-internship students appeared on the Sassoon show on May 18 as a haircut and fashion model. Pauline offered her help at the show organized by her then company Quantize. At the beginning of the show, Nobu Eto, a famous Japanese hairdresser,

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