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Impressions Asahi Beach Party 2017

Japanese and Internship Asahi Nihongo and SUiTO Fukuoka organized a beach party at Momochi Beach, near Fukuoka Tower on Saturday afternoon. Everyone enjoyed delicious self-made food and participated in amusing games like Suikawari (watermelon splitting) or Hayanomi-Taikai (lemonade drinking competition),

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International parlor game event 

The students of Asahi Nihongo came up with a really good idea during today’s study rehearsal: in order to connect with other students of the school, including Japanese students who study foreign languages, the students would like to invite you

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Gambling has a long tradition in Japan and was already part of the amusement industry in feudal Edo-times. Nowadays, pachinko and game halls are ruling the Japanese gambling world, but there are still more traditional styles of gambling around that

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Nintendo Switch 

We spoke about Super Mario before and mentioned Nintendo several times. The company behind legendary consoles like the Gameboy is still one of the most important manufacturers when it comes to hardware. Soon, a new console will be released, so

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When thinking about Japanese card games, most people think about the highly popular trading card games that derived from Japan. Card games though, have been around for a much longer time so let’s take a look at traditional cards: Hanafuda

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Sonic the hedgehog 

While covering the topic of world famous Japanese characters and video game protagonists, we forgot one that has a special relation towards Super Mario and Nintendo: they’re competing since the nineties and there are still games coming out focusing on

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Today’s article is about one of Japan’s biggest heroes in modern days. This is not about politicians or rock stars however; we are going to talk about Mario (マリオ). Mario is the hero of the Japanese game company Nintendo’s Super

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It’s time for another Japanese game. Today we introduce you to Shōgi, the Japanese version of chess. Shōgi is a two-player strategy board game just like chess and Go, though it has a broader variety playing stones. It is also

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Japanese games #003: tops

Today we continue our article series about Japanese games and toys by introducing you to the history of the Japanese spinning top. It might sound strange at first but the classical spinning top has been a popular toy in Japan

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Japanese games #002: Go

Last time we told you about Kendama, a game of balance and coordination. This time the game we present to you is something completely different, a board game which is called Go which apparently is the oldest board game in

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Japanese games #001: Kendama 

Japan is known for being the number one country when it comes to High-Tech and video games. Companies like Konami, Sony and Nintendo are releasing hugely popular games and make millions in sales every year all around the world. But

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Japanese Gambling – Pachinko

Pachinko (パチンコ) is probably the most-played game in Japan. It resembles a slot machine mixed with an arcade game. Even though gambling is prohibited in Japan and you can only win materialistic prizes or tokens at the Pachinko parlor, you

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Hakata-ben Karuta

Have you ever played “Karuta”, a Japanese card game? If so, how about “Hakata-ben Karuta”, a very popular variant among those who already play Karuta. The difference is, as you might have guessed, that you have to speak the Hakata

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Game Center

The motto for today’s activity was “Let’s go to the Game Center!” We went to “Round One” in Tenjin, Fukuoka. At first, we were did not know what to do because there were so many kinds of different games. In

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