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Free Shochu Tasting Event

Free for foreigners. Event sponsored by the Island of IKI Date: 02/24 (Sat), Time: 18:00 – 20:00 Place: SUiTO FUKUOKA, Fee: Pay yourself Meeting Point: Asahi Nihongo @ 17:30 Apply until: 02/22 (Thu) If you wish to join this event,

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January 22 is Curry Day (カレーの日)

In 1982 the School Dietitian Conference of Japan celebrated the 35th anniversary of school meals (給食 or “kyushoku”). To comemorate this day, it was decided that curry rice should be served on every January 22. The conference agreed on curry rice for

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Dontaku 2017 recap 

Last week was golden week and people all around Japan enjoyed the public holiday with their friends and family. The students of Asahi Nihongo decided to use their study-free time to join the annual Dontaku parade which serenades through the

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Dontaku festival 

There are festivals and events that are only held in Fukuoka and besides Yamakasa, the most popular one is the Dontaku festival. People dress up in unique costumes parade through the streets while clapping shamoji spoons and dance on stages

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Canal city 

If you’re in Fukuoka and bored these days, there is a part of the city to explore that offers all kinds of activities and might will brighten up your mood: canal city (キャナルシティー). Canal city is a large shopping and

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Today, we take a look at Hakata’s most famous temple, the Tōchō-ji temple, located near Gion Station. Tōchō-ji (東長寺) is a Shingon temple. This means it was built and dedicated to the Shingon Buddhism, which is one of the Japanese

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Hakata Station 

Hakata Station (博多駅) is one of Fukuoka’s most well-known destinations. Before Hakata and Fukuoka merged into one city, Hakata Station marked the center of the city of Hakata. Todaz, Hakata Station is not the center of the city anymore, but

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Hakata Light Up

Do you want to enjoy Hakata at night while being able to learn about Japanese culture? Then you should not miss out on “Hakata Light Up”. By participating in this event, which takes place every year in November, you can

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Kagamitenmangu Shrine

We want to present you a small but interesting shrine located amidst skyscrapers in Hakata, Fukuoka City. The Kagamitenmangu Shrine (Mirror Tenmangu Shrine) is located next to Naka River. There are many small Tenmangu Shrines in Japan and especially in

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Subtle differences


What is the difference between close friend and friend?

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Japanese Long-term Course

Japanese Long-term Course

Our Japanese Long-term Course is designed for students who would like to study for a longer period.

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Tomyo Lantern Festival (Hakata)


Last Saturday, the so-called Hakata Tomyo Watching was celebrated at various places in Hakata District, Fukuoka. Taken place for the 21st time, Hakata Tomyo Watching is famous for its thousands of self-made lanterns installed especially at shrines, temples and other

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Hakata-ben Karuta

Have you ever played “Karuta”, a Japanese card game? If so, how about “Hakata-ben Karuta”, a very popular variant among those who already play Karuta. The difference is, as you might have guessed, that you have to speak the Hakata

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Hakata Niwaka

If you go to “Hakata Machiya” in the Hakata district of Fukuoka on the first Saturday and third Sunday of the month,  you can enjoy “Hakata Niwaka”, a  Hakata folk narrative art. A storyteller wearing a funny mask called ”Niwaka”

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