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The Last day of internship

One of our internship students finished her internship program last week. She had worked at Gallery MORYTA for a month as a intern. During the internship, many different tasks were given by Morita-san since she always displayed the attitude to

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Testimonial for Global Koryu Center

I did an internship at the Japanese company called “Global Koryu Center”. I have been working there for three weeks from July 13th to July 30th. The company is located in the north part of Fukuoka located nearby Tenjin, where

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Crêpe party on July 23

We baked french crêpes together in the school lobby. It was very fun because everyone helped making them. We had crêpes with banana, chocolate, whipped cream, kiwi and maple syrup. Everyone was able to make their favorite. We baked more than

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French lesson on July 27

The first French lesson was about the basic greetings and learn how to present ourselves. First, everyone listened the pronunciation and then repeat the words. After that, everyone made a presentation about themselves and talk about what they like or

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Testimonial for Japan Centre

I did an internship at the company Japan Centre in Fukuoka, Japan. I have been working at both places for 11 weeks, from May 11 to July 24. Japan Centre Fukuoka is an organization for Japanese high school or university

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Testimonial for Quantize

I did an internship at the fashion label Quantize. I have been working there for almost four weeks from the July 3rd to July 29th, two or three times a week. The Quantize studio is located in Ropponmatsu in an

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Testimonial for Kirin kindergarten

Hello, I did an internship at a Japanese kindergarten/ nursery called Kirin in Fukuoka and have been working there for eight weeks from May 26th to July 17th. The kindergarten/ nursery is located in the south of Fukuoka and they host

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Testimonial for Team Gifted – Eugenia

Hello, my name is Eugenia. I did an internship at a special school called “Team Gifted” in Fukuoka, Japan. I have been working for 11 weeks, from May 11 to July 24. “Team Gifted” is a school for children with

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Calligraphy on July 16

Today’s activity was calligraphy! In Japanese it is called Shodo. Kikuchi sensei introduced the material used for Japanese calligraphy. There are different style to write a kanji. We had the opportunity to write several kanji of our choice. We also

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Open School on June 24

Today we had one presenter from Austria. She has been doing an internship at the Italian company Di Santo ( After her presentation, we went to Gallery Morita (, where one of our internship students is working.    

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Interview with Katharina

We had a brief interview with Katharina who is doing an internship at “Di Santo Corporation” in Fukuoka. At her work, she has three main tasks. The first, helping organize the company events, talking to people and giving information to them. Her

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City Tour on June 22

Today, we took our new student from Hong Kong on a city tour around the Tenjin area showing him interesting sites and important places such as a temple, the post office, the bus center, Daiso (100-Yen shop), and Bic Camera (electronics store).

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Interview with Eugenia

We went to the special school Team Gifted in Fukuoka for an interview with our intern Eugenia. Fortunately, we were allowed to join a class Eugenia was teaching at that time. Children at Team Gifted are not forced to study. They can decide on

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Vidal Sassoon Japan Tour Fukuoka 2015

One of our ex-internship students appeared on the Sassoon show on May 18 as a haircut and fashion model. Pauline offered her help at the show organized by her then company Quantize. At the beginning of the show, Nobu Eto, a famous Japanese hairdresser,

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Testimonial for Hiroshima Co. – Viktoria

Hello, my name is Viktoria. I did an internship at the Japanese import company “Hiroshima”. and have been working there for seven weeks from February 16th to April 3rd. The company is located in the south of Fukuoka, where they have

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