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Japanese sports 

This week, the Japanese study group learned about Japanese sports. After discussing which sport is most popular in Japan, which clearly is baseball, the group focused on sports that are Japanese inventions with deep roots in the country’s history.  After

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Japanese slang 

In yesterday’s Japanese study group session, the students were introduced to Japanese slang words that are popular among teenagers and younger Japanese people. After a few example sentences, the students were able to use the words freely, creating their own

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Shopping in Fukuoka 

The topic of today’s Japanese study group was shopping in Fukuoka. Everybody told the group what he or she purchased lately and the students discussed matters such as clothing, food and other things to buy and where in Fukuoka to

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Japanese art in the JSG 

This week, the Japanese study group at the Asahi Nihongo school spoke about Japanese art and the variety of it. Art can come in all kinds of forms, from paintings and fashion to music and tattoos. The world of Japanese

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The Japanese study group 

At the Asahi Nihongo school, we offer a free study group that you can attend even if you’re not a student!  The study group is a good possibility to speak Japanese in an attentively environment that will help you to

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Restaurants and Cafés in Fukuoka

Yesterday, students of the Asahi Nihongo school gathered at the Japanese study group, held by Kuriyama Sensei. The topic of the lesson was the gastronomical variety of Fukuoka, the students recommended restaurants to each other and tried to mark their

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