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Fukuokas lokale Spezialitäten

In diesem Artikel wollen wir Ihnen die traditionellen Gerichte Fukuokas vorstellen, welche immer noch täglich als lokale Spezialitäten serviert werden. Als erstes gibt es Tonkotsu Ramen (豚骨ラーメン). Diese besonderen Ramen werden in Schweineknochen gekocht, welche der dunklen Suppe ihren starken

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Nagasaki Lantern Festival 2018

From February 16 to March 4, you have the chance to attend the “Nagasaki Lantern Festival”. During this festival, a large number of lanterns is set up around the old and new China Town as well as at favorite tourists

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Hakata Gion Yamakasa 2017

Today, the famous Yamakasa festival ended. This is why Asahi Nihongo wants to inform you about the probably most iconic festival of Fukuoka City. The festival starts every year on July 1st and ends on July 15th with a float

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Tagawa River-Crossing Festival

The Kagawa River-crossing Festival (in Japanese Tagawa Kawawatari Jinko-sai) is one of the main festivals in Fukuoka prefecture. The first festival of this kind was held around 450 years ago. At that time an epidemic disease spread at this area so

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Fun at the Owl Cafe

Yesterday, three of our students went to an owl cafe and had the chance to interact with these animals. After a short introduction on how to hold and ‘talk’ to the owls, they had the chance to let the owls

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Itazuke Ruins

Kyushu is said to be the cradle of the Japanese culture and therefore it is not surprising that you can visit many replicas of old villages archaeologists have excavated in last decades. But it might be astonishing that the presumably

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When thinking about Japanese card games, most people think about the highly popular trading card games that derived from Japan. Card games though, have been around for a much longer time so let’s take a look at traditional cards: Hanafuda

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Fukuoka is a city of many faces where you are able to fulfill all your shopping, food and entertainment needs. One aspect we did not talk about yet though, is the red light district, which is kind of part of

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Nagasaki Lantern Festival 2017

From January 28 to February 11, you have the chance to attend the “Nagasaki Lantern Festival”. During this festival, a large number of lanterns is set up around the old and new China Town as well as at favorite tourists

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Visit to a Maid Cafe

On January 11, two students of Asahi Nihongo visited the Maid Cafe “Tenjin Style” near our school. Maid Cafes are special cafes with waitresses dressed as maids. Compared to ordinary cafes, the maids talk a lot with the costumers. Our

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Tamaseseri 2017

We present you a special New Year’s event at Hakozaki Shrine in Fukuoka city – Tamaseseri. Tamaseseri, which has been celebrated for over 500 years, takes always place on January 3 at Hakozaki Shrine and is beside the Hojoya Festival

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Oniyo Fire Festival 2017

On January 7, the “Oniyo Fire Festival” took place in front of Tamateregu Shrine in Daizenji, Kurume city. The Oniyo Fire Festival is said to be one of Japan’s Tree Major Fire Festivals. This annual event is a so-called “tsuina”, which

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SoftBank Hawks 

Today we will talk about Fukuoka’s baseball team, the SoftBank Hawks. Baseball is a huge thing in Japan and Fukuoka is no exception. We published articles about the Hawks’s stadium, the Yafuoku! dome and the basic rules of baseball before,

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Japanese games #003: tops

Today we continue our article series about Japanese games and toys by introducing you to the history of the Japanese spinning top. It might sound strange at first but the classical spinning top has been a popular toy in Japan

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The Japanese toy industry is gigantic and the value of collectibles increases as time goes by. There is such a huge variety of collectible toys and goods in Japan, it cannot even be put into numbers. Because collecting stuff is an

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