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The Japanese study group 

At the Asahi Nihongo school, we offer a free study group that you can attend even if you’re not a student!  The study group is a good possibility to speak Japanese in an attentively environment that will help you to

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A Japanese CV

As everywhere else in the world, if you want to apply for a job in Japan, the most important document is your CV. Your CV is basically a piece of paper that tells your future boss who you are and

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Kanji lesson at Asahi Nihongo 

Yesterday, the students of Asahi Nihongo studied a topic that is mandatory if you plan to master the Japanese language: Kanji. The topic of this Kanji lesson was “family”, including parents and siblings. Kuriyama Sensei drew them on the whiteboard

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Interview with Eugenia

We went to the special school Team Gifted in Fukuoka for an interview with our intern Eugenia. Fortunately, we were allowed to join a class Eugenia was teaching at that time. Children at Team Gifted are not forced to study. They can decide on

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Last Day of Christoph’s Japanese Course

Today, Christoph had his last day of his one week Japanese course. He received his course certificate from his Japanese teacher and gave a short speech in Japanese. He enjoyed the Yatai activity. Also he visited a lot of places in

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