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National Sport – Sumō

Sumō is one of Japan’s oldest sports and even though its popularity has decreased over the last decade, it is still watched by a huge number of fans around the country. The six annual professional tournaments are enormous events, which

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Japanese sports 

This week, the Japanese study group learned about Japanese sports. After discussing which sport is most popular in Japan, which clearly is baseball, the group focused on sports that are Japanese inventions with deep roots in the country’s history.  After

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Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament 2016

This year’s Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament started on Sunday, November 13th and will end on November 27th. By the way, this year marks the tournament’s 60th anniversary! The Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament is the only tournament that takes place in Fukuoka and one of

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Watch Sumo

Study Japanese at Asahi Nihongo language school and and experience Sumo, Japan’s traditional wrestling. Sumo combines many ritual elements and ancient traditions, which provide an extraordinary chance to experience the Japanese culture and mentality first hand. Feel the enormous strength of Sumo while studying Japanese. Join unique & fun cultural activities!

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