Testimonial for Dig-na Inc.

Hello, my name is Arthur.
I have done my internship with “Dig-na Inc.” which is a Japan IT company. I have been working with Dig-na Inc. from June 15 to September 4.

Dig-na Inc. is located in a building called Plaincrest at Fukuoka Tenjin area. They also have a branch in Tokyo. Dig-na Inc. are doing IT services for their clients. They are writing internet homepage for different business in Japan, server set up and database management. They are working with customer from different area such as: newspaper media, insurance company, clinic and wedding planner.

As an intern, I have opportunity to write internet page with Html5, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. I also used WordPress to manage website and used Phalcon to manage database.

I have learned a lot of new computer software knowledge. I met a lot of different people in the open office. I have improved my Japanese language skills through my working time and daily life. I also enjoyed traveled around Japan in the free time; I have been to most of the places in Kyushu and Tokyo.

My supervisor is very kind to me; he took me to Yatai on my birthday. He always answer my question when I have trouble on my work. The people in the open office OnRamp are also very nice; we always go to lunch together.

I think the most important skills to work in Dig-na Inc. is computer software skills.

Time goes fast, it is the end of the 12 weeks internship in Japan. I really like the live in Japan, I hope I can come back to live and work in Japan in the future.


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